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TEAHUPOO TAHITI SURFARI is a family business born from our passion for Teahupoo and its surfing.


Initially created to meet a demand: surfing for the media, very quickly we diversified our offer by offering discovery excursions to our second favorite playground: the "Fenua Aihere" and the "Pari" cliffs, this part of the island, which is very little known because it is difficult to access, protects a nature that is still intact.
To stay in an authentic spirit, we have developed a unique concept offering excursions combining boat trips and discovery of the coast by sea, the easiest way to appreciate all the hidden treasures of Tahiti iti in one day.
So each experience is a real adventure, whether you opt for an hour, day or half-day outing, your taxi-boat makes you discover Teahupoo and its environment in a way never seen before.

To do this, Teahupoo Tahiti Surfari is an adventure supervised by a team of 2 to 4 people, local and originally from Tahiti, professional and accustomed to sailing and surfing.

-Bjarn, among the best pilots of the surf spot and the first to introduce this wave to professionals in the discipline, will be able to share with you his 30 years of experience in the heart of Teahupoo. 
- Otilia, prepares you the best raw fish with coconut milk on the peninsula and accompanies you during walks on land.
- Matahi, responds to calls for reinforcements, at the weekend participates in surf outings and offers you entries into the best waves on this coast by becoming your guide for a day. Matahi is 18 years old, holder of a BNSSA and PSE1 allowing him to supervise the launches.
- Cindy, to serve you!, holder of the captain's certificate 200, of the PSC1, she makes you discover the garden in which she grew up.

TTS and its boats

TEAHUPOO TAHITI SURFARI has two boats insured and checked by Maritime Affairs: safety and rescue equipment in order. Equipped with Suzuki 4-stroke engines, we guarantee auditory and olfactory comfort.


The Mitirapa, NSI hull, 24 feet, declared NUC (vessel for collective use) authorized to carry 14 people including 2 crew members.


The Te ava iti, Richard hull, 18 feet, declared NUC (vessel for collective use) authorized to carry 6 passengers and 1 crew member.


Logo illu blanc.png
Logo illu blanc.png



"Cindy and her family offer a magical day between Teahupoo and Tautira! A mix of boat trips and short hikes on land that allow you to discover magnificent waterfalls, basins, caves... Not to mention a delicious maa'a , feet in the water, in the company of our friendly and interesting guides !! Thanks to the Teahupoo Tahiti Surfari, no need to go to a "lost" island in the Leeward Islands or the Tuamotu to discover a beautiful and authentic Polynesia !! To do absolutely !!"  - Danielle on Tripadvisor

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"This 14 year old could be the next prince of Teahupoo if you follow his blood line and skill set. Born into a family of people who live and work on the water Matahi was never going to do anything else but surf and be really good at it. His oldest brother is Manoa Drollet, his father and big sister are the best boat drivers in the business when looking for that killer angle from the channel and if you look at shots of the joint you would see their pacific blue painted boats deeper than anyone."


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