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At the end of the road, come and discover the wild and hidden side of the Tahiti peninsula by sea. Unique places filled with Tahitian legends. Away from the city, Teahupoo is still authentic. Like its legendary wave, Teahupo'o leaves you speechless.

A UNIQUE concept combining boat trips and exploring the coast by sea...

Come live your Teahupo'o Tahiti Surfari adventure and discover the real Tahiti.


Different formulas: half-day, full-day or à la carte outings, we adapt to your desires.

** No outings are timed, you manage your adventure **

For information : For security reasons the cave of Vaipoiri located on private property is closed to the public.


Half day (4h)


Embark at Teahupoo Marina.  

A first stop at the famous surf spot of Tahiti, then we leave for the part of the island accessible only by boat: the "Fenua aihere" . We land for a short half hour walk (easy), where we cross the "puna" which indicates the position of the tuna hole , small waterfalls , the mini lavatube and the beginning of the cliffs . After enjoying the baths, we end the day at the  river of Vaiau , its pelvis ,  her liana and its bathing places  very popular with children. 


*Refreshments included*


ADULT RATES   * MINIMUM: 4 adults *

Adult (12+ years old)                    8.500 xpf/adult




Children (5-11 years old)                    4.250 xpf/child

Young children (-3 years old)              FREE


PRIVATE EXIT                      102.000 xpf

without lunch and with a maximum of 12 pax.
For the lunch option add 2.500 xpf/pers.


Full day (8h)

This is the ULTIMATE full day expedition to discover Tahiti Iti's "wild side".  It's the "Vaiau Tour" with a ton of extras! Our adrenaline seekers in the group will get a chance to jump from the cliffs here! 


Meet us at the Teahupoo marina to board on your adventure.  


First stop... world-famous surf break, TEAHUPOO.  Then we'll head to "Fenua Aihere", the side of the island, only accessible by boat.  After a half hour cruise on the water, we'll arrive at "Te Pari", where you'll see the Vaipoiri lizard... Here's where the expedition begins!  


We'll start off with a refreshing swim in the "queen's pool".  After a shower under the waterfalls, we'll head out on a short walk.  Pools, beaches, and more waterfalls mark the trail that leads us to Faaroa Bay, where the boat will be waiting for us. A quick break to hydrate with homemade lemonade, as we cruise to the blow-hole.
Back into the lagoon of Teahupoo, we'll stop for an easy half-hour hike, until we arrive at the "puna", small waterfalls, at a mini lava tube.


All that trekking will boost your appetite ! So, we'll break for lunch, either your own picnic, or you can request "ma'a Tahiti" made by our very own Otilia!  Our last stop on this full day adventure will be the Vaiau River, for the « kid » in all of us finishing our day with some vine-swinging, pond-bombing action!  Disemback at the Teahupoo marina.

* Refreshments included *


ADULT RATES   * MINIMUM: 4 adults *

Adult (12 years and +)                       12.500 xpf/adult

Adult (12 years and + WITH lunch)          15.000 xpf/adult




Children (5-11 years old)                       6.250 xpf/child

Children (5-11 years WITH lunch)          7.500 xpf/child

Young children (-3 years old)                   FREE

PRIVATE EXIT                      126.000 xpf

without lunch and with a maximum of 12 pers.
For the lunch option add 2.500 xpf/pers.


Full day (8h)


Full day of well-being and relaxation. An invigorating and soothing body journey that we want to share with you. A massage surrounded by nature combined with the bewitching, powerful and purifying energy of the fenua aihere, with massage included (50 min).

ADULT RATES   * MINIMUM: 4 adults *

Adult (12 years and +)                       16.900 xpf/adult


Morning (4h)


Extend your dreams by having a unique breakfast on the water, at daybreak, in the majestic setting of the fenua aihere. An authentic and delicious experience in partnership with @ahiotomoua. To ensure the most beautiful colours, the departure from the Teahupo'o marina will be at 5am, with a return scheduled for around 9.30am.

ADULT RATES   * MINIMUM: 4 adults *

Adult (12 years and +)                       9.000 xpf/adult

Preferential rate for customers staying with our partner A Hi'o To Mou'a. 

Logo illu blanc.png


A tailor-made adventure that we create together to meet your needs.


Contact us !


Logo illu blanc.png


Seasickness ?


If you are prone to seasickness, we advise you to take anti-seasickness tablets at least 30 minutes before boarding. 

Consult your doctor or pharmacist for seasickness medication.


Shoes ?


We will have to walk on various terrains and in water.  We advise you to wear water shoes or reef shoes with soles. 

The ideal is to have non-slip shoes that can go into the water.  

We offer water shoe rental for 500 xpf per day.


What to wear?


Swimsuit and a change of clothes.


To not forget...


- Bath towel  

- Protection against the sun: sunscreen (preferably biodegradable or "reef-safe"), sunglasses, cap, lycra  

- A K-way or raincoat

- Kit mask, snorkel and fins

- Preferably waterproof camera

- Mosquito repellent

- A picnic according to the chosen formula


Logo illu blanc.png


We are available every day by reservation. Book your adventure directly online .
Still have questions ?
Contact us by phone, e-mail, or via
the contact form on our site.
Logo illu blanc.png


Come join us at Teahupoo Marina. 
Paid parking at the marina. Allow 500 xpf/car/day.
Meet us at the first wooden pontoon.

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